Sunday, December 4, 2011

#10 Education is politics. By Shor

In Shor's article he talks about teachers teaching against the "normal" way of teaching. He believes that the teacher should get the student more involved and have discussions in the class. By doing this students will develop a better understanding on the topic at hand instead of the teacher lecturing and feeding them fact after fact. I strongly agree with Shor mainly because of my own personal experiences.  When I have taken classes where the teacher wants us to engage in conversation and is always willing to answer questions I believe I actually learn more effectively. The way these classes get setup it makes me want to go to class and listen to what everyone has to say.  Now when I go to classes that the teacher doesn't let us talk  and does nothing but give us fact after fact I tend to not pay attention and not learn as well.  Classes like that make you feel uncomfortable while your in the class and makes you not want to even go. 
Shor believes that by doing this you can change from a bad teacher to a great one.  To me it makes sense a teacher is suppose to teach their students, so by opening discussions to the class the teacher can see what the students believe the topic is about.  The teacher will also be able to find out what the students may not understand or struggling to learning.  By letting kids have conversations in class students get to use critical thinking to learn.  I wish more classes taught this way mainly because I believe students would learn at a more effective rate.

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