Sunday, October 23, 2011

#6 Wise and Website

After looking over the website, article, and videos I noticed that they all had to do with racism. Racism is not a new thing sadly it has been around for a while. What’s even worse is that it’s probably going to be around for more years to come. While looking at the website I noticed that they had tracked racism all the way back to the 1800's. I have seen racism at school and even while I'm out with my friends.  During high school I had a friend who was African American and kids would always say some racist comment to him just joking around, but after a while I noticed that the kid did not find it funny and some of the comments really would bother him.  There would be times when i would tell these kids to knock it off but they thought because they were just joking around it wasn't being mean and they were allowed to do it.
There is a very funny musical called Avenue Q that focuses on all kinds of issues and racism is one.
The video may be funny but it is true everyone is a little bit racist even if you’re not trying to be.  Most people are not racist but sometimes the things we say end up coming off as it.  It is a serious issue because kids growing up are listening to these racist comments and think that it is ok to continue making these comments. Another prime example is integration in schools.
This video shows a great example of how people were reacting during the times schools were intergrading.
Go 6 minutes in to see what I am trying to show you.  Also if you get the chance watch the whole movie manly because it is a great example of racism and a community coming together. What we need to do is stop the racism and come together as a country.  There are wars going on and the economy is in the toilet, so don't you think its time to come together stop all the racism and find away to save this country?  

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  1. I really like the point that you made about your friend - joking about race, intentionally mean or not, is still racist and inappropriate.